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    u lucky he holdin me back bitch 

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    yessssss let’s!

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    the face of a man who has been out of depression for one year, without panic attacks for one year, and not having taken pharmaceuticals for a year. happy as can be (: I vow to help anyone I can overcome depression or any other sort of invisible illness

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    That’s it honey…Find what ya want?

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    Kurt Cobain’s guitar

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    when a girl make u feel some type of way


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    Lucifer (Morningstar)

    A wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines built by Paul Fryer. The sculpture is illuminated by the church’s stained glass windows.

    It can be seen at The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster.

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    Sword and Scabbard

    • Dated: circa 1750 - 1850
    • Culture: Bhutanese
    • Medium: steel, silver, gold, copper alloy, wood
    • Dimensions: overall length 34 inches (86.4 cm); blade length 26 1/8 inches (66.4 cm)

    Source: Copyright © 2014 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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