1. blessmyfuckingstars:


    Stupid idiot baby

    children a fuckin ridiculous

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  2. danieldabs:


    That feeling you get when you see yourself dabbing on National T.V.
    Nat Geographic’s Drugs Inc.


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  3. you-goddamn-idiot:

    Heres a pound of white widow kief fo yo ass

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  4. How To Date:


    Step 1- Buy her pizza.

    Step 2- Make her cum.

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  5. gloweih:


    Advice from the 6 bus

    wow I love this

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  6. the-maddabber:

    They took forever to get here BUT here’s my 4/20 outfit 😍😽💨

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  9. aaaaa42:

    you can blow smoke rings? pretty cool bro but check this out (takes a long drag)(blows a vagina made of smoke)(blows a perfectly formed smoke dick which glides through the air and collides with it)(the smoke coalesces into a smoke baby)(the baby flies through the air and grabs a knife)(as you fight the smoke baby i scream “DID YOU THINK YOU COULD FUCK WITH THE SMOKE WIZARD AND GET AWAY? DID YOU THINK THERE WOULD BE NO RAMIFICATIONS?”)

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  10. shesmokesganja:

    k i ordered a bong.


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